Different Types Of Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Styles The Complete Guide
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Wedding photography has evolved over the years, and there are now many different styles of photography to choose from. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular wedding photography styles and their unique features.

Traditional Photography

Traditional wedding photography is the most common style, and it focuses on capturing classic poses and group shots. The photographer will usually direct the subjects to pose in a certain way, and the images will be edited to enhance their appearance.

Posed Photography

Posed photography is a subset of traditional photography and involves the photographer directing the couple and their guests to pose in a specific way. These images often feature the subject looking directly at the camera, and they are edited to enhance their appearance.

Group Shots

Group shots are a staple of traditional wedding photography, and they involve the photographer gathering the wedding party and family members for a series of posed shots. These images are often taken after the ceremony and before the reception.

Photojournalistic Photography

Photojournalistic wedding photography is a style that focuses on capturing candid moments throughout the wedding day. The photographer will not direct the subjects or ask them to pose, but instead, they will capture the events as they unfold.

Candid Moments

The focus of photojournalistic photography is to capture candid moments, such as the couple’s first look, the exchange of vows, and the first dance. These images are often taken without the subjects being aware, resulting in natural and authentic images.


Photojournalistic photography tells a story of the wedding day through a series of images. The images are not edited heavily, as the focus is on capturing the events as they happen.

Fine Art Photography

Fine art wedding photography is a style that focuses on creating artistic and creative images. The photographer will often use unique angles, lighting, and editing techniques to create images that are visually stunning.

Artistic Portraits

Fine art wedding photography often involves creating artistic portraits of the couple. These images are not traditional posed shots but instead focus on unique poses and lighting to create a visually stunning image.

Editorial Style

Fine art photography can also have an editorial style, which involves creating images that look like they belong in a magazine. These images are often dramatic and feature the couple in a stylized setting.

Drone Photography

Drone photography is a newer style of wedding photography that involves capturing images from above using a drone. This style can provide unique angles and perspectives that cannot be captured with traditional photography.

Aerial Shots

Drone photography can capture aerial shots of the wedding venue, which can provide a unique perspective of the location. These images can be used to create a stunning visual story of the wedding day.

Creative Angles

Drone photography can also provide creative angles, such as overhead shots of the wedding party or the couple walking through a field. These images can be edited to enhance their appearance and create a unique look.


There are many different styles of wedding photography, and each has its own unique features. When choosing a photographer, it’s important to consider which style best suits your preferences and the overall style of your wedding. Whether you choose traditional, photojournalistic, fine art, or drone photography, the most important thing is to capture the special moments of your wedding day.

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